About the Company - Hand and Heart
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About the Company

Learn about our history and mission

About Hand and Heart

Hand and Heart is a a social enterprise with a vision to uplift the lives of people who are left behind including Persons with Disability.

Inclusion in the Workplace

We help facilitate jobs for Persons with Disability and supporting companies as they open their doors to diversity.

Our Mission

We at Hand and Heart commits to use our hands and heart to provide quality access to learning opportunities such as leadership, business, and soft/hard skills development to persons with disabilities. In mind that development starts with the individual. 

Our goal is to enable individuals specially people with disabilities to build their confidence, stretch their limits and reach their fullest potential. Creating an empowered positive movement bridging the gap between the persons with and without disability.

Our Vision

We are uplifting the quality of lives of people who are left behind.

Our Values

Love-Integrity-Trustworthiness-Personal Leadership-Personal Success-Teamwork-Professionalism-Collaboration-Open hearted


Career Opportunities

Inclusion and diversity have been buzz words in business and human resource these days but we understand that although most companies are willing, the question is HOW. Hence, we would like to share with you our services on how we can serve as a bridge between the PWD job seeker and company.

Company History

Hand and Heart was founded by Gen Diokno who is Deaf together with her hearing partners Dave Mariano and Elyse Go in June of 2018.  All three are volunteer advocates either are Sign Language interpreters , Sign Language Teacher or Deaf Awareness Lecturer while doing their full time jobs . Their paths crossed when Dave needed resource persons for his graduate studies thesis at the Asian Institute of Management on Persons with Disabilities employment. As they desire for greater impact to society, they focus on improving the quality of lives of PWDs through work support & transition placement. It became so strong that they took the bold step and risk to pull together resources through the support of family and friends. As well to finally set up what is now Hand and Heart. Today, Hand and Heart core services are all focused on PWD education and employment and livelihood.

Our Vision

We are uplifting the quality of lives of people who are left behind.

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